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April 24, 2011


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Hello there and happy Sunday! :dummy: Welcome to the 26th Edition of my 'Give Us Attention' feature articles. :party:

Another week, more amazing art found. :wow:

:heart:Traditional Art
:heart:Digital Art

What the heck is this News Article about?
This small series of articles present you with works that, in my opinion and I hope you agree with me, deserve more attention! If you'd like to suggest works that, in your opinion, deserve more attention and exposure, please do send me a note or post your suggestions on my journal or even here! You can suggest your own works or other deviant's works.

Share the word!
If you enjoyed these edition's featured deviations and artists, don't forget to :+fav: their works and to :+favlove: this article so more deviants can come across them! Oh, and make sure you check the past editions of this series! (links can be found in the end of this page)

And now, behold the featured deviations! :eager: Yay!

D E V I A N T(s) - O F - T H E - W E E K :party:
birds of the sea - commission by pettryb:thumb202908422:smoky afternoon by pettrybmidsummer midnight sonata by pettrybbrave little lynx by pettryb
freedom by Spinewinder:thumb185905144::thumb205235030::thumb165028974:scare -d of a- crow by pettryb

D E V I A T I O N S :eager:

Photography :la:

I hate it when I can't find u by VisualFeelings8565. by Piiim:thumb192664285:after you left IV by devllaakapI yok by KalbiCamdan
A Tragic Divide. by Mrs-DurdenFollow your dreams by kim-e-sensPiccione by SwiFecSfreedom by Spinewinder:: Sweet Dreams :: by JessicaOssa
Striving by Maplemusketeer''All Out at Sea'', No.3 by BluDevil93Halfway to yesterday by ideodaonly together by SnukkiBirds by astridle
don't be afraid, alice by JoanasLichtpoesie:thumb205357406:Resist by garnettrules21:thumb205658559:Quit While You Are Ahead by xeneras
.elef. by dasTOKTia by IgorGlavasjs.11.1a by Hypnogenhere it comes by mohdfikreered lady in blue by AlleyCat91
:thumb205363527:Floods by intaoLa tour Eiffel. by ooOIndreOooThe Garden by jonjacobsenOur destiny writes it self. by Wesche
emptiness by mebiliaplaying with origami cranes by HolunderNettoyage de printemps by eulalievarenneSnail Lovers by Cute-And-Bright:thumb202166747:
Sage by phantomderlustI Give You Life by aherminasymetric questioning by KalbiCamdanThe eye is the center by lauren-rabbitF o r e s t by bebefromtheblock
:thumb204176544:Vipassana by AzaleosLohengrin's young brother by Christine-MuratonFisherman's Net by GregoriusSuhartoyoMicro world. Power plant by AlexGontar
:thumb202938073:...Hapiness... by fcarmo-photographywater would be nice by weltengangfallen fighter by D-u-DDeath of the Innocents by JolsAriella

Traditional Art :la:
tree of... by lovelycristinaSloth: The Dreamer by rianbowartYoung Pups by TempestErikaSordidity by adamtanart
PRAYING FOR JP by LiskFengGoryesque by pupukachooOne and the Same by AudreyBenjaminsenSleepy Autumn ACEO by ZindyThe Call "bloodthirstyversion" by telegrafixs
Dove by x-xSpitFirex-xLilith by MissElephanteKoi Japan Relief Art by Flying-FoxVirgo by theperianBearer of the sun by silima13
Alice by SleetwealthMy Room by CHLO-MOXQX2 by macenMorning at the Covered Market by povorotCommon People by renton1313
21IV2O11 by Marcianekthe new clouds generation by super-aniaPaleo Buddies by PsithyrusOpposites by LoonakiRed by fairytheillustrator
:thumb205889146:Okamized by PsychocerealsHave a Little Color in Life by countbleckfanSpeed commish - soldier fight by KGBigelowBloom, my Child by xxblueeyesturngrayxx
DuPont by painted-beesLove Song by sdPink:thumb205818983::thumb205135113:Nerd Love: Princess Mononoke by renton1313
nightrabbit by StefanThompsonDollhouse Tea by obliroUmihotaru by bjornikReq_NEVY  Tunderbolt by Berkey
sheep mutant by nannaFairies: December by Ner-TaminOliver by frecklefaced2911.03.2011 by ototoiThe Wish Tree by Jake-juggle
Steampunk Angel traditional by menolly-48:thumb205272005:Nightmare Castle by Si2Beautiful dark maiden by HepzebarDarmawisata Seni Rupa by BountyList

Digital Art :la:
miss persia and the forgotten by AnjaMillenEBRU by ertacaltinozThere Are Those Few by veinsofmercury.I'm out of my painting. by larosaperlataSpirit of the forest by recycledwax
Riese and Eiji by omupiedgaining colour. by DemachicBlack Swan - Ugly Duckling by MartaNaelDominos by WikiME:thumb205648219:
kami-kaze by shichigoro756how's the air up there by starsandpolkadots+ Paradise + by chaoslavawolfHe is watching me by Snook-8:thumb205890444:
Mayan super hero by Bad-BloodSirenas by Nadiezda:thumb205155540:forever blue by sakaya0313Backgrounds... by elgunto
The Queen by AnnMeiMarina by OneforniSOP_RebuildTibet by barontieriGhost Moon by SenecalThe Silence by Zakeno
Victorious Feeding by ertacaltinoz:thumb205278093:Sweet Innocence by Lady-BlueberryWindow Shopping by deviantdash:thumb205629954:
:thumb205816578:dream of quantum by zhoupengebony- charity race climbing by Poppypintthe story by rtil
A Booke at Brillig Tyme by BarukuriioO Empress Oo by esserawkscavalier king charles portrait by ptitvincTiger by crilleb50Specter by kyan-dog
The Guatemalan Stone People by KyendoThe Sacred Tree - Speedpaint by zilekondicgoing in for the kill by thezookeepersboyHappy Easter everybody by VeronikaD
Under the cover by GellinjerStrip the soul by justmaryy:thumb205477068:stormrider by KalaNemiShare One Planet by krhart

Past Editions :la:
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Give Us Attention XXV -…

:iconzungzwang: zungzwang signing out. Have a nice week! :peace:
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arphot Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011
Thank you for this collection of art. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one!
frecklefaced29 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
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sdPink Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
Thank you so much
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Beautiful features & thank you so much for including mine :w00t:
conceptO6 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011
Many thanks :hug:
sandranataly Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Obrigada Pedro :)
vou criar outra serie dessa foto :D:D
continuação de boa semana!
lovelycristina Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :hug:

honored, really honored!
Zindy Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much :heart:
barontieri Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional General Artist
thanks a lot for the feature!!
spiderwitch Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Student General Artist
Amazing works, they truly need more attention ♥
Thanks for featuring me!
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