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June 18, 2011


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Hello there and happy Saturday! :dummy: Welcome to the 31st Edition of my 'Give Us Attention' feature articles. :party:

Yay, two articles in two weeks! :aww: Enjoy this week's edition, it's filled with beautiful pieces of art!

:heart:Traditional Art
:heart:Digital Art

What the heck is this News Article about?
This small series of articles present you with works that, in my opinion and I hope you agree with me, deserve more attention! If you'd like to suggest works that, in your opinion, deserve more attention and exposure, please do send me a note or post your suggestions on my journal or even here! You can suggest your own works or other deviant's works.

Share the word!
If you enjoyed these edition's featured deviations and artists, don't forget to :+fav: their works and to :+favlove: this article so more deviants can come across them! Oh, and make sure you check the past editions of this series! (links can be found in the end of this page)

And now, behold the featured deviations! :eager: Yay!

D E V I A N T(s) - O F - T H E - W E E K :party:
The food of the gods by BattlePeachWelcome by BattlePeachThe end of the dinosaur era by BattlePeachMystic lagoon by BattlePeachFast food by BattlePeach
Bubble kid by BattlePeachSTOP by BattlePeachThe attack of killer tomatoes by BattlePeachHoney collectors by BattlePeachThe birds by BattlePeach

D E V I A T I O N S :eager:

Traditional Art :la:
Owl adventure by onurongunozkan:thumb213472954::thumb212772145:Mucha's Moet Chandon Imperial by Niuta71The Suffragette by Nemodemos
no sound but the wind by kawako198Sunburst by by cut-boxducks in a row by nawafiai
Cirque De La Mer by TabLynn:thumb212928501::thumb213112637:Eerie Past by CinderBlockStudiosPeace offerings for nightmares by sorrowking
hurroaaaaaa by serhatalbamyaDeath of a Fisherman by spicypeppersFarming Myths - version 2 by DaveWhitlamPagan Poetry by fresco-childBearded dragon by jupiterjenny
:thumb213434155::thumb212873585:Sad Clown by TheRomanticRealist:thumb212271928:Lil Warriors by GrialLB
Vulture Muse by SaraRichardthe moon by nadja-mariinaAnimal Hospital by Pirika1:thumb212704527:Through the Magic Door by SakuraKitt
Planets by AnnParsPoison Fear and Madness Colour by ArrogantLampShadeThe Boat by mrscriblamGuarded 2 by afromation
Cats like to Cook too by spicypeppersNot In The Sky, Not In The Sea by luckynesuportfolio by RayBonillaWykBlykNodd by chiribicake by aaarisaaa
E. V. A. by free0neCelldweller ch4: I Can't Wait by Mew-SumomoSurreal Lies by x-surrealist-xSwept, of Course by danevilparker
:thumb211558305:Failures and Resolves by hogretTarot: Ace of Swords by RevolverWinds:thumb212919080:dream city by thuyngan

Digital Art :la:
Kirill by Oneforni--- by SilppuriThe Travelers by recycledwaxCharissa by LeirixRelease Me by sadiek
+Too Big Moon+ by CuteReaper:thumb213519551:served his purpose - hinabn by Millennium-fae
Poppies by yourPorcelainDollAnia by The-MorlockSongbird by RadiophoniaJelly Couture by chostopherLittle house by ex-Sin
Marai - Redux by studiopyraxisFish Sticks by ScummyThe Puppy-Maker by TLCookhummingbird by alovernotafighterPrincess and a dream by waterspirirtjess
sakana-kikai by shichigoro756Preparing For a Journey by sXevenboxed farm by deathbybroccoliPug by demitrybelmontRachel Getting Married by otherwise
La verriere abandonnee by Hatsumi-no-bakaMelancolie by CamilleDionBolducRoofs by KifirDolly Kei by selcoutherieJapan 2 by Willow-San
herring in the library by strongstuffXianghua by EonForgery:thumb213272493:Kuzynki by kateaSpeedpainting 46 by RHADS
Misguided Ghosts by ninjaa-cakeIris by rutaizmasRealm of Memories by ohmybugLost village by Stefana-TserkMirage Voyage by choppre
Alleyway of Self Reflection by Pochi-mochi:thumb213383265:Random Sketchy Quasar by LadyBrot:thumb213320083:bluesayer in atlantis by jubilri
The meet by Exphrasis:thumb212909753:The Puppy-Maker by TLCook:thumb213143650:thirsty by lybrus

Photography :la:

On her own planet by astridleSunday afternoon by eulalievarenne:thumb213415806:Esserci. by JoanaSorino:thumb213074945:
Every day by lwc71.zoo. by dasTOKRocketship Hipsters by theonlymagicleftisar:thumb212966583:Fragile by jussta
soulfly by esmahanozkanparadise circus by ultramarynalook by MaLtE-13thWay to lake by sternenfernMerle by bittersweetvenom
:thumb213381123:Make Me See, Make Me Feel by incolor16S A Y c h e e s e by DusterAmaranth:thumb212834141::thumb212744904:
:thumb212849748:Day 156 by FramedByNatureflame... by Frozen-photoimprisoned soul... by A-hristoff-R-Tsem dormir by crissial
The calm effect by katgiraffeSerendipity by stratophariuswhen evening fall iv by warnaimanElysian Fields by ClockworkMarionetteCertain End by acukur
016 by DorottyaSHere is gone. by dzika-koalaStay a while by amicableworldOne Love Fest by onurkorkmazl086 by SlevinAaron
Red Lace by pauline-greefhorstFreedom by MaGeXPI feel Comfortable by Czino:thumb213425915:Legs. by polish-girl
Flow by CarolineMadisonHot by Goodbye-kitty975:thumb213540100:alien morning by tka4u4aFollowing Baby steps by unkmihai
Maximillian by bittersweetvenomParadise City. by AvekBite by zestkittenMR.TONG by lwc71Make a wish. by sofizeta

Literature :la:
PirateYou're a pirate.
The thief of my heart,
The thief of my soul.
You ran away;
And now you're sailing on the Far East seas.
Owning that ship won't get you to where you want.
Leaving your memories in a tavern won't make you forget them.
The waves and storms will eventually wash away the traces of your existence.
The Stars...Rays of hope only children understand...:thumb213137592:

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:iconzungzwang: zungzwang signing out. Have a nice week! :peace:
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FramedByNature Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Student Photographer
Thanks for the feature! :hug:
waterspirirtjess Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
Thank you kindly for including me in this lovely selection!
acukur Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Many thanks :)
dreamarian Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconyellowheartplz::iconblueheartplz:THANKS AGAIN for the feature!:iconbouncyhai:I really appreciate it!:iconblueheartplz::iconyellowheartplz:
hogret Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
Fabulous collection! Thanks for including me.
LadyBrot Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011   Digital Artist
Thnx a lot!! It's an honor to be mentioned here, surrounded by such great artists!
TheRomanticRealist Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is simply amazing! One of the best collection of work I've been featured in, really beautiful stuff guys!<3
Animizu Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Why am I not here? My art is simply STUNNING, I need more attention.
Just because I draw cute things doesn't mean I'm worse!
Adomination Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student General Artist
whoa nice picks !
llamadorada Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
wonderful artists. I think so i deserve more atention too >_<
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