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April 16, 2012
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Give Us Attention XXXIII

Mon Apr 16, 2012, 10:40 AM



Heyy! How are you all doing? It's been such a long time since the last article, wow! I better start posting these on a regular basis as I used to do. :giggle: Please enjoy the 33rd Edition, featuring amazing artworks! :love:

:heart:Traditional Art
:heart:Digital Art

What the heck is this News Article about?
These series of articles present you with works that, in my opinion, deserve more attention and exposure! Feel free to suggest art pieces (any media)!

And now, behold the featured deviations! :eager: Yay!

D E V I A N T - O F - T H E - W E E K :party:
the journey by BaxiaArti miss you... by BaxiaArtkolysanie by BaxiaArt... by BaxiaArt

D E V I A T I O N S :eager:

Traditional Art :la:
The Great Green Telescopic View Of The World. by Will-LanglandsThe Flower by Simanionthe picture book by liga-martaI see a rainbow by kangelIstanbul by Rocktuete
Across - Dusk2 by prema-jaspring is coming by LiskFengWhite Wanderer by fresh4uSanctuary (original) by Xenoniaspace by LiskFeng
fuurin by kawako198Clonne XXX by Mapache-SaladoThe Unexpected by DinaDayMakeup12-84 The lost Kite by Artistically-DEBelieving by KanchanCollage
The Turnip Princess by lemonflower- Cinderella - by Losenkosleeping story by ironlandold man and the sea by vaenatonMadge Undersee: The Mayors Daughter by IsaiahStephens

Morning Melody by ChencoIlufiSpirit Guide (Cloud Rabbit) by SethFittsCreativity Has No Borders by artsyfartsynessMother Nature by micaelopesSouvenirs D'Un Autre Monde by Rz00

Digital Art :la:
Playing with the wind by G-MoelChameleon by snownyBoys and Girls2 by Eruhahacityscape (fixed) by ducksofrubberMistress Rose by Sangelus
Peacock and Hummingbird by eosvectorit always floods, by yu-nomiiDissolution 3 by MarcelaBolivarCircle of Life by Hirukio
summer in the city color by DawnElaineDarkwoodGold of the depths 2012 by ilona-vereskLerena blue  - Bohemme by Medusa-Dollmaker:thumb292569075:Commission - Kiara by Yume-Rie
fifty three by amburgerandfriesNight road by I-GordaThe Triumphant by WesTalbottKing of the Apes by LadyOwlPushing Love Like Pimps by lightboxmagic

Photography :la:
Weightless by syda-gingerTimekeeper ID by lostknightkg:thumb292426530:your battlefield V by Dabadussilencio by waveystar
Good Time by LioRkaalahPersonal Growth by RickHaighMeet my hamster by EliseEnchanted.: E s c a p e :. by oguzcengFeed me.... by JENU89
Spring by iizmuDisappear by Julie-de-WaroquierThe Waterbender by AchmadKurniawanMuerte by luciekoutA Poem Without Words by nile-can-too
21 grams by MetideStanding in a bookshop by HolunderColours of the rainbow by BlueColoursOfNatureFree dive by Hengki24cat_cat by Subway-M
BLUE SILENCE by cetrobo:thumb292212896:a beautiful silence by huhahohiGrowing Up by BlackCocktailCaged Beauty by Shiin15

Literature :la:

The Library and the StarsIt was the oldest building in town. The amount of people usually would contradict the lack of noise. It was silent as a mausoleum, yet not as morbid. There were novels, comics and dictionaries filling rows of elderly wooden shelves. Today seemed to be especially marked by a dreaded presence, however. The townspeople would rarely leave their homes. Not because of the uncommon rain of summer on that day. But because there had always been a feeling of unmoved tension that lurked in the North.
The boy was able to calm down by running through the collected pools of water residing in the dirt. He was running away. Going towards nowhere. He had entered, soaking, inside the pale and aged building, through the only door it had. All the way to the farthest corner, nobody was disturbed there. The boy thought as he finally slowed, satisfied amidst it all, for he at least found a good hideout.
The boy's deep panting scribbled on the blank sheet of silence. Outside the window was the painted portrai
The Little Thief Gives UpThe Little Thief realises things are changing after a conversation with an acquaintance, during which he'd been about to hold forth on a subject, and was interrupted.
Thief: If I'm honest –
Someone: Which you're not.
He had laughed it off, and in truth, no-one except him remembers this exchange, this brief disruption of his composure which leaves him annoyed, quietly, when he thinks about it later.
And that was the start of his downfall.
The Little Thief wears black rags when stealing, and a red cloak with a hood to keep the rain off when selling. The Little Thief has brown eyes, and hasn't grown in a long while. It's easier to slink through small gaps when you're small. He talks like a little bird with

Past Editions :heart::


See them all here!

:iconzungzwang: zungzwang signing out. Have a nice week! :peace:

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